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Nicolaï Della Guerra

Nicolaï Della Guerra is a pianist, improviser, composer and conductor. He develops his own language of modality and minimalism, drawing inspiration from Eastern European folklore and popular music.


Born in Germany in 1990 to a Bulgarian mother and Italian father, he grew up in France before moving to Belgium.


He was brought up in the world of theatre sculpture, and painting and began learning music at an early age.

After performing on Lyon's punk and underground music scenes for few years, he went on to study classical piano, harmony, counterpoint, jazz and music history at the Lyon Conservatoire, following at the same time the teachings of great classical masters across Europe before graduating from the Brussels Conservatoire in piano, conducting, composition and music theory. During these years, he developed his musical language, travelled around Europe, explores different ways of making music, play on the underground scene, tasted the days and the night, and met many musicians with whom he collaborated.

He co-founded the Leto collective in 2019.


Nicolaï has been Invited as pianist and composer to various festivals and concerts since 2012. He also collaborated on numerous trans-artistic project, including the piano vibes Della Guerra-Garcera duo, who have given some forty concerts in Belgium and France; on architectural project presented in Italy at the Venice Biennale, the Macro Museum in Rome and the Milano Design Festival; and on theatre field, creating a piano-poetry project with which he toured France and Algeria, and a play about Schubert which was presented in France and Belgium.


In 2016, he presented his first work "Fejodor- Les contes de Lumen" at the Salle Cortot in Paris, France for which he won the first prize at the Musiq'3 festival in Brussels that he will then create a full project and record in 2022 with the collaboration of ten musicians.

He wrote his first opera, "La Dogaressa et les Litchouks", in 2021.

In 2023, he composed “Ochre Steppes” which was performed live for the first time in Brussel.

In 2024 he produced his first solo piano E.P., due for release in May 2024.


Compositions 2016 - Jericho 2016 - Kyrie 2017 - Music for Auto Radio 2017 - Think Energy Project 2018 - Spectral Quintett 2019 - Arno Lab Project 2020 - Les Contes de Lumen 2021 - La Dogaressa et les Litchouks 2021 - Ryaonorcaver 2021 - Le domaine de l'arc en ciel 2023 - Dimension of dialogue 2023 - Ochre Steppes 2024 - Piano Sketches 2024 - Rozata Leti Sliastovitsa 2024 - EVO 2024 - OVES


Concerts 19/02/2022 – Amsterdam (NL) W/ Oxalys ensemble 29/03/2022 Bruxelles (BE) - Palais Egmond 11/02/2020 Bruxelles (BE) - Palais Egmond 06/11/2019 – Madrid (ES) W/ Oxalys ensemble 25/04/2019 Bruxelles (BE) - Parlement Fédéral 11/08/2019 Follonica– Italia 10/08/2019 Follonica– Italia 08/08/2019 Riotorto – Italia 07/08/2019 Riotorto – Italia 04/08/2019 Eourres Festival – France 02/08/2019 Rochechinard – France 03/05/2019 Roma (IT) Audio Visual Performing LPM 02/04/2019 Roma (IT) MACRO Museum Roma 14/12/2018 Bruxelles Festival Nocturne– Belgie 17/07/2018 St Quentin la Chabanne – France 16/07/2018 Lupersat – France 13/07/2018 St Quentin la Chabanne – France 12/07/2018 Faux la Montagne– France 09/07/2018 Savennes – France 08/07/2018 Marsac – France 07/07/2018 Ahun – France 06/07/2018 St Frion – France 29/03/2018 Bruxelles KPMG – Belgie 07/03/2018 Bruxelles Maison de la musique – Belgie 08/2018 - Firenze (IT) – W/ Fanny Pellerin 06/2017 – Bruxelles (BE) Festival Musiq’3 12/12/2017 Bruxelles Maison de la musique – Belgie 05/08/2017 – Maillé (FR) 02/08/2017 – La Chapelle Montreuil (FR 22/07/2017 Montreuil-Bonnin - Salle de la Preille– France 21/07/2017 Chouppes– France 20/07/2017 Charrais- Eglise Saint-Martin– France 17/07/2017 Anzème – France 16/07/2017 Savenne– France 15/07/2017 Savenne – France 14/07/2017 Gueret Festival – France 13/07/2017 St Quentin La Chabanne – France 10/07/2017 Faux La montagne– France 09/07/2017 Marsac – France 08/07/2017 Lupersat – France 07/07/2017 St Frion – France 06/07/2017 Ahun – France 05/07/2017 Vichy – France 07/04/2017 Bruxelles Blé Café– Belgie 19/07/2016 Faux la Montagne– France 18/07/2016 Marsac – France 17/07/2016 Lupersat – France 16/07/2016 Ahun – France 2016 – Paris (FR)– Salle Cortot 2016 – Bruxelles (BE) Winner First Price « Musiq’3 »

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