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Flauto Di Leto

August 2024 Residency Call

This residency aims to create a multi-sensory artwork by synthesising different art forms. Dance, live visual arts, improvised music and performance will be linked by a contemporary composition co-written specifically for this project. Movement, visual, choreographic and vocal workshops will be constantly linked to the musical creations in an ongoing exchange between artists.

The residency will feature a diverse group of artists with expertise across multiple disciplines, including two instrumentalists, a visual artist, a singer, and a dancer.

The host association, Flauto Di Leto, is dedicated to promoting music and arts, and supporting multidisciplinary projects. In this residency, they aim to expand their reach by including new disciplines.  The mission of this project is to engage new audiences with innovative ideas that align with the social context and local community.

The residency will be held in Studio Chroma, Rochechinard, France, which serves as both a reception area and a recording studio.

This projet is supported by CULTURE MOVES EUROPE!


We need you!

Leto is currently looking for artists interested in collaborating on this multi-artistic project. 

If you're a dancer and want to choreograph, if you're a singer and want to write poetry and work with a composer, if you're into video, art, sculpture, painting, if you're a performer, if you want to laugh with us, create a tremendous project, we're waiting for you.

Vision and People

The residency aims to encourage an exchange of different ideas, approaches, techniques, and lifestyles among artists from diverse backgrounds and countries. The aim of this project is to connect different artistic disciplines from various countries in one place. The focus is on the creation of innovative artwork that transcends barriers. 

The musicians present for this project will be two pianists (one on a grand piano and one on an electronic piano), a cellist who plays both acoustic and electronic. 

Our sound engineer and videographer will be with us throughout the project, giving us feedback and documenting the creative process.

As mentors and guests, a theatre performer and a violinist will also be part of the project for a shorter moment. 

To be included also dance, singing and visual performances. 



The project will take place in Studio Chroma, the recording and video studio in Rochechinard.

The residency provides a serene and immersive environment for visiting artists to create. The selected location will provide appropriate time for reflection, experimentation and fixation. This period provides a peaceful and natural environment for artists to focus on their work without distractions or pressure. The serene surroundings can inspire creativity and offer a fresh perspective on artistic creation.

When - How?

The project will take place between 7 August and 31 August. Two live performances to close the residency will be given. 

If you are interested, contact us at or at

Please Send us your artistic portfolio and in a few words, how you see your work and how you'd like to work together on a project like this.


The deadline for applications is 15 MAY.

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